Learn Google Sheet to Collaborate & Organize and automate Work

with LIVE project & skyrocket your Career or Automate your Business in

The New Google Spreadsheet (Online Version of excel) Will Change the Way You Work

Leverage the power of google products to Collaborate & Organize and automate Work

Is Google Sheets for me?

Empower you to manage your entire business or daily tasks in an effective and smart way.

If you are someone who wants to learn how to effectively manage your daily tasks without technical knowledge, then this workshop is for you. We'll walk through how Business Owners and Working Professionals can keep their operations successful without being bogged down by technical details.

Using Google Sheet you can many any business ….

Who can Join this Workshop?

  • All Singaporean and Foreigners
  • Students and Working Professional
  • Startup and SME
  • Entrepreneurs, individuals looking to build and manage daily tasks
*Any Non Technical or Technical Person can build an app
*No Programming or Tech background Required

Why Google Sheets?

  • Create Sheet, Collaborate and automate tasks online effectively
  • No programming or tech background is required.
  • Easy to Use and Share with your team in Different locations
  • Be an Independent Professional
  • Leverage Google Sheet to Stay ahead of the competition
  • Build your own System to manage your all daily and business tasks effectively

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Google Sheets will make your life easier and make you look smart.

Use the Google Sheets and utilize its full potential to effectively manage our personal and professional tasks while staying ahead of the market competition

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